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April 2016


It is what it is

Telling the truth from the start could have saved a lot of heart ache and tears.

Spare me the stories. I am tired of the lies.

I will not  allow you to continue pulling the wool over my eyes.

I thought you really loved me, imagine my surprise?

If only you had been honest, think how cool we could have been.

At this point I’m so disgusted, I don’t even want to be your friend.

You fooled me once, I refuse to let you fool me again.

Instead I would appreciate your honesty

It’s the least you could do.

Open up to me the way I have always been open to you.






They expect you to trust them, yet they constantly let you down.

They cant understand why you’re not smiling

All the while not knowing they are the ones who caused you to frown.

They expect you to roll with the punches and to let the chips just fall where they may.

I say, NO MORE!

I control my happiness and I take my stand TODAY!

Today I decide to live my life for me.

You can leave right now if you like and Just Fine, I will be.

They expect you to trust them yet they play games and tell all sorts of lies.

That is why I don’t care if I offend them with my honesty

Maybe being honest is  something they should all try.

I do not need any more freinimies….

cant take no more from my family…

and best you believe, I am done sleeping with the enemy!

Truth be told, I wish they would all just stay far away from me.

They think I trust them….

I guess in a way that’s true.

But I only trust them to be who they are and to do what they do.


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