People who used to know me, know me no more.
When they look at me they can only see who I was before.
They do not understand the growth and the change.
In their eyes, Camilla’s just being strange.
They think it’s all just a front
They can’t imagine the possibility that I actually grew up.
They whisper behind my back that I think I’m this, or I think I’m that.
They say I’m acting funny because I moved on and never turned back.
The people who once knew me don’t know me anymore.
God has transformed my life and I am nothing like I was before.
The same people who claimed they loved me and we would always be friends
are the same people who want to see my blessings come to an end.
It used to hurt but I am over it now.
I pray for them, that they one day find what I have found.
I will be here with open arms when they finally come around.