imagesX0S6A1J2What do you see when you look at this picture?

Some people will look at this picture and see a cross-road. At this point you must make a decision.  Which path will you choose?

Other people will see peace and quite.   Just a still environment where you can be one with nature.

Another person may see  danger.   All alone in the wilderness with only God knows what or Gods knows who! They may be frightened and afraid.

Yet another person may see a challenge.  They may feel excited and adventurous.  To them this picture may represent he start of new beginnings.

All these different perspectives. Which one is correct?

Truth be told, not one of them are correct.  Likewise, not one of them are wrong. I am willing to bet that no two people will immediately see the same thing.  This is  because we are uniquely made individuals.  We have our own mind-set that causes us to think and act in our own way.  There are millions of people in simular situations who took totaly different paths to get there.

These days we are so quick to past judgement on one another because we are not all thinking and acting alike.  Instead, we should be uplifting and loving each other as we are just who we are.  I have learned that one way  to avoid conflict is to respect the fact that people have their own point of view.    Don’t spend so much time trying to get  people to see things your way. Sometimes it is simply best to agree to disagree. It is better to be loved than to be right!