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imagesX0S6A1J2What do you see when you look at this picture?

Some people will look at this picture and see a cross-road. At this point you must make a decision.  Which path will you choose?

Other people will see peace and quite.   Just a still environment where you can be one with nature.

Another person may see  danger.   All alone in the wilderness with only God knows what or Gods knows who! They may be frightened and afraid.

Yet another person may see a challenge.  They may feel excited and adventurous.  To them this picture may represent he start of new beginnings.

All these different perspectives. Which one is correct?

Truth be told, not one of them are correct.  Likewise, not one of them are wrong. I am willing to bet that no two people will immediately see the same thing.  This is  because we are uniquely made individuals.  We have our own mind-set that causes us to think and act in our own way.  There are millions of people in simular situations who took totaly different paths to get there.

These days we are so quick to past judgement on one another because we are not all thinking and acting alike.  Instead, we should be uplifting and loving each other as we are just who we are.  I have learned that one way  to avoid conflict is to respect the fact that people have their own point of view.    Don’t spend so much time trying to get  people to see things your way. Sometimes it is simply best to agree to disagree. It is better to be loved than to be right!




Personal Growth


People who used to know me, know me no more.
When they look at me they can only see who I was before.
They do not understand the growth and the change.
In their eyes, Camilla’s just being strange.
They think it’s all just a front
They can’t imagine the possibility that I actually grew up.
They whisper behind my back that I think I’m this, or I think I’m that.
They say I’m acting funny because I moved on and never turned back.
The people who once knew me don’t know me anymore.
God has transformed my life and I am nothing like I was before.
The same people who claimed they loved me and we would always be friends
are the same people who want to see my blessings come to an end.
It used to hurt but I am over it now.
I pray for them, that they one day find what I have found.
I will be here with open arms when they finally come around.



One Sunday morning I woke up brand new.

The day was so beautiful, no longer was I feeling blue.

I could hear the birds chirping and singing so sweet.

The melody was in tune with the rhythm of my heart beat.

The sun was beautiful and shining so bright

The Lord had come and shed some light on my life.

I cried

….and I cried

………and I cried

Tears of joy, I never knew were inside.

The pain was gone within the blink of an eye.

There wasn’t even a single cloud left in the sky.

Just the night before, the pain had me bent down on the floor.

Crying to GOD, “I cant Take this NO MORE”

I cried and cried that night too.

I was begging God to please take the pain away and show me what to do.

I  surrendered to God’s Will that night and things have never been the same.

To this day I am in awe at just the mention of JESUS name.



It is what it is

Telling the truth from the start could have saved a lot of heart ache and tears.

Spare me the stories. I am tired of the lies.

I will not  allow you to continue pulling the wool over my eyes.

I thought you really loved me, imagine my surprise?

If only you had been honest, think how cool we could have been.

At this point I’m so disgusted, I don’t even want to be your friend.

You fooled me once, I refuse to let you fool me again.

Instead I would appreciate your honesty

It’s the least you could do.

Open up to me the way I have always been open to you.





They expect you to trust them, yet they constantly let you down.

They cant understand why you’re not smiling

All the while not knowing they are the ones who caused you to frown.

They expect you to roll with the punches and to let the chips just fall where they may.

I say, NO MORE!

I control my happiness and I take my stand TODAY!

Today I decide to live my life for me.

You can leave right now if you like and Just Fine, I will be.

They expect you to trust them yet they play games and tell all sorts of lies.

That is why I don’t care if I offend them with my honesty

Maybe being honest is  something they should all try.

I do not need any more freinimies….

cant take no more from my family…

and best you believe, I am done sleeping with the enemy!

Truth be told, I wish they would all just stay far away from me.

They think I trust them….

I guess in a way that’s true.

But I only trust them to be who they are and to do what they do.


Prison Is Not For Children

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the United States has more children incarcerated than any other developed nation.  In the year 2012 alone, law enforcement agencies in the United States arrested more than 1.3 million persons who were under the age of eighteen.  In recent years, children as young as ten years old have been arrested and charged with “crimes” that could be resolved with sound parental or adult discipline.  The Campaign for Youth Justice reported that more than 70,000 juveniles are in some sort of detention facility on any given night in the United States.  The incarceration of Juveniles cost tax payers more than six billion dollars a year.

Although some juveniles do commit violent crimes, two third of incarcerated youth are non-violent offenders.  According to the Campaign for Youth Justice, the most common crimes committed by youth are destruction of property, drug possession, disorderly conduct and  running away form home.  Children who are in detention facilities are at risk of being sexually abused by other youth or  staff members at the facility.  These children are less likely to obtain a high school diploma, go to college or to gain suitable employment.  In contrast, exposing children to the prison system places them at risk for being re-offenders as well as serving time in  prison as an adult.  According to the Washington Post (2014), juvenile detention systems seem to be creating criminals as opposed to stopping them.  This is especially true for those juveniles who are charged as adults and placed in adult prisons.

Recently a high school teen was arrested and charged as an adult for beating a classmate while in school.  The fight was recorded by a bystander and the video went viral on the internet.  When the news first broke, many people felt as though the aggressor was rightfully arrested and some even expressed that he should serve hard time.  Sadly, prison is suggested before counseling or therapy.  Americans have become too comfortfable jailing our children.

Prison is a business that is causing the destruction of families.  Too many children are suffering lifelong consequences for youthful mistakes.  Unfortunately, children are charged as adults and sent to adult prisons for non-violet crimes all too often.  Most of these children are isolated from family and friends during their incarceration which may have a devastating impact on the child and the family.  There has to be other alternatives.  Prison is not for children.

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